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Every material we ship will undergo a detailed internal inspection process to ensure accuracy before being sent

In addition to our own testing process, we also collaborate with third-party testing agencies such as Baima and GETS to ensure that the products are original raw materials, free from oxidation, and not refurbished

Following the testing process, we provide you with the following services

Based on the inquiry model, match whether the warehouse has stock materials

If there is stock in the warehouse, apply for shipment inspection to the warehouse. The warehouse manager will verify the product quality, and the sales team will confirm whether the shipment information matches. Finally, the shipment will proceed

If there is no stock in the warehouse, a demand will be provided to the procurement department. After the procurement department completes the inspection, it will be handed over to the warehouse for storage. After the procurement department and the warehouse inspect and confirm that there are no errors, it will be handed over to the sales department to verify the product information and proceed with shipment after confirming that there are no errors

If it is an uncooperative supplier or an older batch model, we will have it inspected by a third party to confirm that the product does not affect the machine, and explain it clearly to the customer. After vacuum treatment for free, we will proceed with shipment