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Agency and Quality


Agency and Quality

  • What is the cooperation relationship between us and suppliers? Do you have exclusive agency rights?

  • How do we ensure that suppliers' products meet compliance requirements?

    In the selection of suppliers, we will go through a series of processes: compliance review and evaluation: before establishing a partnership with suppliers, we will review and evaluate their qualifications. Ensure that they have the necessary licenses, certifications, and qualifications to comply with relevant regulations. Clarification of compliance requirements: When signing contracts or agreements with suppliers, clarify the compliance requirements that products need to meet, including laws, regulations, standards, and industry norms. Ensure that suppliers have a clear understanding of these requirements. Product inspection and testing: Conduct inspection and testing on products provided by suppliers to ensure compliance with product safety, quality, and performance requirements. Entrust a third-party laboratory for testing. Document recording and traceability: Suppliers are required to provide relevant documents for the product, such as material certificates, test reports, certification documents, etc. Establish complete documentation to enable traceability of product compliance. Regular review: Establish a regular review mechanism to regularly inspect suppliers' compliance and product quality. If problems are found, request the supplier to take improvement and corrective measures. Risk management: Identify potential compliance risks and take corresponding risk management measures. For example, developing emergency plans to address sudden compliance issues. Problem solving and improvement: If compliance issues are found with the supplier's products, work with the supplier to solve the problem and ensure that they take measures to improve product compliance. Supervision and Supervision: Establish a supervision and supervision mechanism to monitor suppliers' compliance performance and ensure their continuous compliance with requirements. Legal and regulatory updates: Regularly monitor changes in relevant laws and regulations to ensure that supplier products continue to comply with the latest compliance requirements. By taking the above measures, we ensure that the products we collaborate with suppliers are effectively guaranteed in terms of compliance, thereby reducing potential risks.

  • What is an agent?

    Agency is a business model in which a company or individual conducts transactions, negotiates contracts, or provides other related services on behalf of another company or individual.

    An agent is a business method, like an intermediary, who helps one company or person do business with another company or person, sign a contract, or provide various related services.

    Unlike distributors, agents usually have more power and responsibilities, such as providing pre-purchase consultation, after-sales maintenance, or being able to offer more favorable prices. They play an important role in the transaction and help ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • What is an ISO quality management system?

    ISO 9001 is an international standard that sets out a set of rules to help companies ensure that the products they produce or the services they provide are of high quality.

    Many companies pursue ISO 9001 certification, which is like their "quality assurance certificate" to prove to customers that their products and services are reliable and will not go wrong.

    This standard helps businesses establish a reliable method to ensure that their work is consistently performed at a high level.